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Hamiota has been a leader in community innovation since 1895 when a new flour mill was established.

Hamiota was incorporated in 1907.

In 1912 the first hospital structure was built.

In 1924 there was a visit from the Duke of Devonshire England, the Governor General of Canada, and the Lt.

Gov. of Manitoba "to visit the Hamiota Hospital as it is the only one they knew of which is free of debt". In 1956

Natural Gas supply for town.  In 1963 Hospital first in Manitoba under 75 beds to be accredited.

The Community Health Centre concept was initiated in 1974 (one of two in Canada) with salaried doctors, which continues today.

 In 1985 Community Handi-van was established.

In 1989 Cattlex, first large scale cattle brokerage. In 1990 debt free Sports Complex.

In 1994 Hamiota was the first community in the province to install the Nano Water Filtration system.

In 1999 Hamiota Feedlot largest in province.

In 2001 Dr. Ed Hudson (1917-2003) received "Order of Canada" for he was instrumental in developing the community health care concept.

In 2002 Rogers cell tower installed and we were first in region with Wireless Internet.

In 2003 MTS Cell tower.

In 2005 replaced soda pop with fruit juice in school vending machines. Vanguard Credit Union Head Office moved here in 2005.

Our new Municipal Office at 75 Maple Ave was constructed in 2006.

Dr. Allan Ranson of Hamiota, Manitoba, is the recipient of the College’s Family Physician of the Year Award for 2007.

Dr. Karen Juce of Hamiota, Manitoba, recieved the Manitoba College of Family Physicians Award 2010.




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