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Hamiota and District Archives

Hamiota and District Archives is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. 

It was created on February 12, 1986 at a meeting of a sub-committee of the Hamiota Centennial History Committee. As the publishers of Hamiota Grains of the Century, Vol.1 1884-1984, the committee saw the need to collect and preserve our heritage. 

The purpose of the archives is the collection and preservation of print and pictorial materials relevant to Hamiota and District. 

The archives was originally located in the librarian's office in Hamiota Centennial Library, and was moved in the spring of 2004 to its present location on the second floor of the Heritage Arts Centre to accommodate its growing collection.


Heritage Arts Centre Office and Gallery - open Mon-Wed-Fri from 1 - 4 p.m. or by appointment (phone 204-764-2400 and leave a message)

If the archives are not open, inquiries can be left with the Arts Administrator and a member of the Archives Committee will attempt to follow up on any requests for information. Please fill in an information card when submitting these requests.

Ken and Vicki Smith 
Box 279 
Hamiota, MB ROM 0T0
Ph. 1-204-764-2552 

Betty Gregory 
Box 143 
Hamiota, MB ROM 0T0 
Ph. 1-204-764-2709

** Remember, before you throw out old pictures, newspapers, scrapbooks, diaries, etc....please contact us! **

Searching for a relative? 

The following items in our archives may be helpful to your search:

1) Electors lists for the Town and R.M. 

2) Tax and Assessment Rolls for the Town and R.M. 

3) Local Histories: 

- History of Hamiota (1948) 

- A History of Hamiota Village and Municipality (1879-1956) 

- Hamiota Grains of the Century Volume 1 1884-1984 

- Hamiota Grains of the Century Volume 2 1984-1996 

- McConnell-Little Town Lost (1982) 

- Decker Memoirs 1880-1970 

- History of Chumah Church (1954) 

- History of Scotia (1882-1937) 

- History of Knox Presbyterian Church (1880-1930) 

- History of Zion Methodist Church. 

** also available are local histories from the communities of Crandall, Miniota, Oak River, Kenton, Shoal Lake, and Strathclair. 

4) Homestead maps for Hamiota R.M. –Property Owners List 

5) Cemetery Index (also see Elaine @ 6) Historical Atlas – see Perth or Huron County, Ontario 

7) Obituaries 

8) Scrapbooks 

9) Story of Manitoba Volumes 1-3 

10) Newspaper Clipping Binders ** there may also be other documents and pictures within our collection that might supply you with the information which you are seeking.


Hamiota Grains of the Century Volume 1, 1884-1984 $35.00 

Hamiota Grains of the Century Volume 2, 1984-1996 $45.00 

These invaluable research tools may be purchased at the Town/RM Office, the Library, or at the Hamiota and District Archives. Contacts may also be made with members of the Archives Committee.


RM of Hamiota
Town of Hamiota



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