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Hamiota Pioneer Club Museum is situated in the Hamiota Municipal Park, on the east side of 7th Street South.

 Museum organization began in 1959, with the main building, Building No. 1, being erected in 1962. From the beginning, the main objective has been to collect, preserve and display objects, artifacts and materials relating to the settlement and development of the district.

Building No.1 contains artifacts relating to: Native culture, geology, wildlife, pioneer tools and home furnishings, farm equipment, churches and schools. Many photographs are displayed.

 Building No. 2, the former McConnell railway station, was acquired and moved to its present location adjacent to the original museum building. Prior to acquisition, all doors had been stolen and all glass had been smashed in the old station. Restoration of the exterior and ground floor interior were completed first, with the restoration of four rooms on the upper level being completed at later date. Almost all interior work was done by volunteer labour - hundred of hours of it. Original woodwork was restored throughout. This station, built in 1909, is a part of our heritage and is a suitable reminder of the part played by the Halboro-Beulah branch of the CNR in the development of transportation in this area. Every effort has been made to restore this building in an authentic manner.

The Hamiota Pioneer Club Museum expanded further with the acquisition of Building No. 3, Historic Oakner United Church.  The church officially closed its doors in June 2000 after serving the community for more than 90 years.  In early 2002, after almost 18 months of planning, the little white church was carefully moved up the highway to its new home adjacent to the McConnell Train Station.

Since its inception, the Hamiota Pioneer Club Museum has sponsored the annual parade held the morning of the annual agricultural fair.  This event is held in tribute to the history of the community and to people who helped it grow.




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