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Specialty Courses 
Entertainment - Pool Side!
Special occasions and celebrations become "musical" pool side when we feature special events for all to enjoy. Whether it's the latest tunes recorded or a live band these special evenings prove to be popular with all ages. Extended hours for these special events allow swimmers to enjoy a swim under the lights in the Hamiota Aquatic Centre. If you have a musical talent that you would like to share with us please contact the Hamiota Aquatic Centre Director at 764-3057 or the Recreation Director at 764-3050 ext 106. We encourage and promote local talent at our facility!

100 Club
Challenge yourself or others to swim 100 lengths per week. Completely voluntary, this club operates under the honour system, recording their lengths with each and every swim. It's a fun way to motivate yourself into "motion" and enjoy the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle. Lap Swim Times are listed on our public swim page for your convenience.

Aqua Fitness
Fitness workouts in the water! The warm water provides a perfect workout in the summer, giving a gentle resistance to help work those muscles. Leaders take the class through a gentle warm up period, into the aerobics and relax with a cool down - all with suitable background music.

Note: Additional classes will be added with increased demand.

Water Safety Instructor Courses
Each June the Hamiota Aquatic Centre works with the Canadian Red Cross or Royal Life Saving Society by providing our facility to host the Water Safety Instructor Courses. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Camping or billeting is available for those attending from outside the area. Once a candidate has completed the formal course there is often a requirement to assist with instruction of a regular class. Often course candidates can obtain their teaching experience during our June lessons or early July. All candidates must obtain approval and authorization to assist with Hamiota Aquatic Centre lessons directly from the Aquatic Director.

Aqua Leaders Course
Those wishing to obtain their certification for teaching the Red Cross programs must successfully complete the "Aqua Leaders" course prior to being accepted for the Instructor courses. Generally, this course is held annually in August at the Hamiota Aquatic Centre. For further information please contact the Aquatic Director at (204) 764-3057 after June 1st.

Diving, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Water Polo & Syncronized Swimming
Each year we continue to offer a variety of specialty courses. Sometimes, these courses are held in cooperation with Swim Manitoba for a one day clinic. Other courses are held on an extended basis, according to public demand. Complete information will be available upon opening for the season in early June annually.