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Hamiota Economic Development Corporation (HEDC)

 The Hamiota Economic Development Corporation is an independent service co-funded by the Town and RM of Hamiota.

The Board of Directors consist of two councillors and citizens appointed by the Council of the Hamiota Municipality.  

The role of HEDC is to diversify and expand the local economy, increase the tax base and to also increase the number of local job opportunities.

HEDC provides many services to the residents of our community who want to start a new enterprise and to those who wish to expand an existing endeavour.

HEDC is responsible for soliciting, approving, and administration of the loans, and will employ innovative means of achieving sound, sustainable economic growth within our community.

If you have an a business idea, we can assist you.  We currently have financial resources available. 

Please contact us at 204-764-3050 ext. 107 or

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