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Reeve: Randy Lints

Ward 1: Todd Brown

Deputy Reeve Ward 2: Wayne Angus

Ward 3: Reg Madsen

Ward 4: Ken Lawn

Ward 5: Linda Little

Ward 6: Richard Arnold

Hamiota Municipality Council Jan 2015

Larry Oakden Reeve

Wayne Mathison

Tim Webber

Todd Brown

Reg Madsen

Linda Little

Linda Wilson


The Rural Municipality of Hamiota is situated in picturesque western Manitoba, and can be reached along Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 21, or PTH 24. The municipality is only 84 kilometres northwest of Manitoba's second largest city of Brandon. The municipality's largest centre is the Town of Hamiota, which has a population of approximately 850 residents. Oakner, Decker, and McConnell are other significant small communities in the municipality. Besides the Town of Hamiota (the largest community), the majority of the municipality's residents are rural based, with the population (ecluding the town of Hamiota), being approximately 520 people.



As with most municipalities in western Manitoba, Hamiota owes much of its development to the influx of immigrant settlers and the laying down of tracks by railway companies, in the late 1800's. 

The municipality and town originally received its name from Thomas Hamilton, one of the original settlers who settled close to the town of Hamiota, and from the native word "iota", which means "plenty". Immigrants looking forward to settling on the rich agricultural farmlands of Western Canada began settling the area by the late 1870's. The laying down of tracks in the region by the Great North West Central Railway from Rapid City, quickly settled the area around the Town of Hamiota, and its outlaying communities.


Economic Base

A large majority of the Hamiota's residents are employed in the agricultural businesses. Agricore, Cargill, and Redfern Farm Services employ many of the municipality's residents. The Town of Hamiota also plays a significant role in the economic situation in the municipality. The town's largest employers are its health care and education industries. The Hamiota District Health Centre is the town's largest employer, employing approximately 135 residents. The Birdtail River School Division is the town's second largest employer.


Major Attractions

The Town of Hamiota and the surrounding areas, provide much of the entertainment and recreational activities for the municipality. As the "Baseball Capital of Manitoba", the municipality is proud to host many provincial and national baseball tournaments. 

Sporting and recreational activities play a very strong role in Hamiota. A curling club, arena and many baseball fields around the town sustain the recreational life of Hamiota's residents. One of Hamiota's largest recreational attractions is the Hamiota Municipal Park just on the outskirts of the Town of Hamiota. The park features a campground, 9-hole golf course, agricultural grounds, the Hamiota Aquatic Centre, and the Hamiota Sports Complex. Lawn bowling greens, a soccer field and several baseball diamonds, also are found in the park.


Facilities - Recreation, Parks, Culture

Hamiota plays hosts to many activities year round. Summer events not to miss include: the Triple-H Rodeo at the Sports Complex during the last weekend in April, which provides thrilling rodeo action; and the Hamiota Agricultural Fair at the Agricultural Grounds in July, considered one of the best fairs in Western Manitoba. The Dog Days of Summer celebration on August long weekend, is also one of those events not to miss before the coming of fall.


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