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Town Council

Mayor: Larry Oakden


Deputy Mayor: Wayne Mathison

Heather Rothnie

Tim Weber

Jim Scott

Hamiota Municipality Council Jan 2015

Larry Oakden Reeve

Wayne Mathison

Tim Webber

Todd Brown

Reg Madsen

Linda Little

Linda Wilson


Hamiota is a growing community and is located in western Manitoba, midway between the Trans Canada Highway and the Yellowhead Highway.  The community’s lifestyle, diverse job opportunities and support services make Hamiota one of the most vibrant communities in Western Manitoba.

The Town of Hamiota and the Rural Municipality of Hamiota have a combined population of 1,288 and a trading area radius of 40 kilometers.  Within this trading area, there are approximately 10,000 people.  The Town of Hamiota has seen continued growth for over 25 years.

The agriculture, healthcare and education sectors are the major employers within the area.   Within the last four years, the region has seen significant growth in the agriculture sector.  Over 100 new jobs have been created in Hamiota and area in the last 3-4 years with many of these in the expanding livestock sector.

Hamiota’s unique community health care system is well known nationally as well as internationally and is often sited for its innovativeness as a successful healthcare delivery model.

The community also demonstrates a unique balance between recreation and cultural/arts activities.  Hamiota has many varied and newly developed recreational facilities with associated programming.  After healthcare, Hamiota is recognized for its support of sports programming within the community. The community also offers arts/cultural opportunities through the Heritage Arts Center.

The educational system in Hamiota has continually remained significantly above provincial averages in Provincial Exams and provides an integrated academic, recreational and arts curriculum.

Hamiota’s retail and service sectors are diverse and provide a full range of services for residents and surrounding area.  The retail trade radius ranges from 15 kilometers to over 65 kilometers for some operations.

Hamiota is recognized for its diversity and capabilities, and remains in the forefront of Western Manitoba communities.

Energy Options

· Natural gas including Trans Canada Pipelines mainline access

· Electricity

 National and International Transportation Flexibility

· East-West and North-South paved highway access

· Access to CNR mainline rail (ease of access to national & United               States markets)

 Advanced Telecommunications

· Two cell service providers (Roger advanced GSM Service and MTS Digital)

· High speed internet access; wireless microwave (Inetlink) and ADSL (MTS)

 Competent Local Infrastructure

· Advanced nano filtration water treatment

· Large regional health care center

· 24-hour emergency services

· Police, ambulance and fire services

Resource Capable Community

· Adept workforce

· Strong and diverse agricultural sector

· High productivity land base

· One of only three municipalities in South Western Manitoba with an arable land base exceeding 200 acres per square kilometer

· Extensive groundwater resources

 Land for Development

· New residential subdivisions

· Two industrial park subdivisions

 Local Government & Development Support Services

· Planned development

· Supported by productive land use and zoning regulations

· Micro and capital lending

· Proponent citing and support services





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Town of Hamiota



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